(Austria, 2011)

Valentin would love to go outside to play, but it's raining. To make matters worse a young girl is put before him.
Made within 72 hours as part of my application for the Filmacademy Baden-Württemberg.

After making ZU ENG! I applied at the Filmakademie Baden-Würrtemberg in Germany with it. They invited me to the application exam where (among other things) I had to shoot a film within 72 hours. The topic was ‚anger‘ and because it was raining that weekend I made the film about the anger of not being able to play outside. And luckily I got accepted to study there!

Genre: Comedy
Running time: 3:14
Language: German
Producer: Clemens Roth
Director: Clemens Roth
Writer: Clemens Roth
DOP: David Wagner
Editor: Florian Fessl
Cast: Valentin Hütter
Laura Scholz
Sabine Hütter
Eva-Maria Scholz