(Austria, 2005)

He and she know each other from the chat room, but both have a false image of each other. What if they meet in real life now?

The early years… This was actually the first film where I wanted to work with actors that were not the kids from my neighborhood. Me and my friend wanted to show a conversation in a chat room, while the two persons are not aware of sitting right next to each other. The film features no spoken dialogue as we only wanted to show the conversation within the chat room - and let the rest of it work as a silent film. It’s quite old but I still like it for some reasons.

Genre: Drama
Running time: 10:50
Language: German
Producer: Clemens Roth
Arman T. Riahi
Director: Clemens Roth
Arman T. Riahi
Writer: Clemens Roth
Arman T. Riahi
DOP: Marco F. Zimprich, aac
Editor: Clemens Roth
Arman T. Riahi
Music: Karwan Marouf
Cast: Erika Kollmann-Till
Josef Prenner
Katharina Rößler
Florian Tröbinger
elektronikschrott plakat 05.jpg