Dear visitor,

Film is always an adventure to me. You set out to find something that you are convinced, must be somewhere. Some people will follow you, while others will just think you’re crazy. I've been making films for nearly ten years of my young life now. I never planned that, it just happened. Because I love what I do. And looking back to where I started from, gives me the feeling of heading into a certain direction. One that feels right going for the years to come.

As I am currently preparing my first feature film and complete my studies at the Filmacademy Baden-Württemberg, I thought it’s about time to compile the pieces of my previous work. And here it is!

Go to COLLECTION to browse the full catalog. Some of the films you can watch in their entirety, others are only available in excerpts at the moment.

Eine gute Projektion!

Clemens Roth