(Germany, 2012)

Armed with a baseball bat, Jonny awaits his ex-girlfriend Eileen in her apartment. But he couldn't have foreseen in which way the evening will develop.

My first film at the academy. I had to shoot a film that is basically one scene. While this doesn’t necessarily give you the possibility to go bold, I wanted to explore something. Since that time when we were shooting our Karate movies in the backyard when I was little, I haven’t dealt with physical violence in films anymore. And one thing that I always truly admired about film is that it is able to give an aesthetic momentum to something as horrible as physical violence. So I explored that.

Genre: Drama
Running time: 7:37
Language: German
Production company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Producer: Johannes Jancke
Director: Clemens Roth
Writer: Clemens Roth
DOP: Kiril Mirkov
Editor: Julia Kovalenko
Cast: Hadi Khanjanpour
Vera Streicher