(Austria, 2010)

Eight-year old Joseph suffers from phimosis. He slowly discovers pleasure in the prescribed foreskin exercises. But instead of getting better, his condition worsens due to his family's reactions. A tragicomic search for the truth ensues.

As I suffered from phimosis (please ask Google if you don’t know it) too when I was a kid, I wanted to tell this story with a comedic approach - but one that stays true to its characters. The film is a sharp satire about authority and lies through the eyes of a boy discovering the pleasure of masturbation. This was the first film that I received funding for from the Austrian Government.

#SPOILER To understand the excerpt you must know that the mother, in order to prevent her son from masturbating in the bathroom, tells him about a toilet monster living in the sewers, that will bite his dick off.

Zu Eng
Genre: Comedy
Running time: 17:55
Language: German
Production company: Golden Girls Filmproduktion
Producer: Arash T. Riahi
Director: Clemens Roth
Writer: Clemens Roth
DOP: Marco F. Zimprich, aac
Production design: Kristina Haider
Editor: Florian Fessl
Music: Simon Wascher
Cast: Valentin Hütter
Marion Mitterhammer
Michael Thomas
April Perin Wogenburg
Funded by: Innovative Film Austria (BMUKK)
Lower Austrian Film Fund
City of Vienna - Cultural Department (MA 7)
Cine Art Styria